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Numerous core processors and what they mean to you.

I was having a conversation with my co-workers lately about oct core processors, I was the only one who was really excited by it. Yep, in a room with three computer “professionals,” I was the only one excited by the huge processors that will be coming out soon. Here’s the thing, one coworker was at one point a computer science major, the other is just IT. Neither of those degrees require a extremely high processing power. I, on the other hand, deal with graphics, so the thought of a beefy processor makes me drool like a cannibal visiting the United States for the first time. So what’s with processors and why should you care? If you don’t know, the processor is the brain of the computer. It’s basically a calculator on steroids. The faster the processor, the more processes the computer can perform. Seems kinda obvious when I say it like that doesn’t it? So you can move data a lot faster with a bigger processor. But some of you may be thinking that your Pentium 4 is moving data fast enough. And if your running xp and using your computer for the internet and word processing, your set. But lets say we want to make your icons on your desktop vector based? Then your computer is gonna be like the kids riding on the short bus. Now I know I would never want my computer to be the Forest Gump of the computer world, and I’m sure you don’t ether. So why waist our time with creating vector based icons and imagery for the operating system? Well, the cool thing is vectors are actually mathematical equations, and here’s the cool part, they will always look sharp and crisp no matter what size. They can quite literally range from the size of a stamp to the size of a building. So it basically makes the movements of the interface smoother, crisper and prettier. Fuzzy icons will be a thing of the past. Cool right? But I’m not running out to get a new processor just yet. Why? To put it simply, Intel is trying to get an 80 core processor out in 5 years. 80 core as apposed to the quad that is currently the highest out on the market. Having one of these things would give you the processing power of 80 Pentium 4 processors. At this point you should be sitting looking at your computer thinking that using one would be like using liquid oxygen to start a camp fire. For most things it is excessive. There is one thing that makes incredible since. Gaming.

Currently games run off of polygon models. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear people refer to a poly-count in video games. They are referring to the number of polygons that make up a model’s face. Think of it like bricks in a wall. Or better yet, pixels on your screen. The more pixels you are displaying, the sharper the picture. However, much like vectors, 3d models have model types that are mathematical equations. These are called NURBS. Wondering what NURBS look like? Rent Shrek or any other recently make computer generated movie and you’ll see NURBS at work. Mark my words, in 5 years games will be so realistic it will literally look like you playing a movie, and that’s really exciting.

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