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Quick! Call animal control! We got a case of Big Foot infestation!

I heard about this story recently and I had to comment on it. Why? Well, I got a soft spot in my heart for Crypto zoology, and I am a hunter. So what’s up. Well, apparently when I’m walking into the woods at 5 in the morning, bears shouldn’t be the only thing on the back of my mind. Now I also need to be aware of Squach. That’s right, big foot, Sasquatch, yeti, the Abominable Snowman , the monster of bogy creek, crazy killing bipedal ape, whatever you want to call it. You may be thinking, Andy sounds kinda skeptical. Your right, I am skeptical. Here’s the thing, do I believe in big foot? I’m not gonna say no that’s for sure. I do believe that if there isn’t a real big foot, there most be something to account for the stories. Perhaps it’s a simple memory of homo Florensis, they did co-exist with modernly anatomic modern humans. But maybe it is a bipedal ape. Maybe it’s a new species of bear. Who knows. So that’s a kind of round and about way of me saying I have a feeling there’s these stories for a reason.Now to this hunter business. I mentioned before that I’m not about to carry big foot repellent with me into the woods. First of all it would probably scare away the deer; second of all I doubt I’ll need it.Usually when I see things like this my first instinct is to look at who is presenting it. Generally it’s some choppy video or some blurry photo graph that looks like a 3 year old took it while simultaneously dancing a jig. In this case, that’s not it. These were taken by field cameras left of to monitor game, in this case I believe it’s probably bear responding to bear bate. So this is clearly not a hoax. So whatever it was, it was clearly there, yes? Yep. It was. Big foot? Nope. I can say with a high degree of certainty it’s not. I actually have a minor in anthropology, and in my minor I specialize in archeology (my major is actually interactive development if you were wondering, I’m sure you were). When I look at this I see what would be a quadruped. How did I come to this conclusion that seems to elude so many big foot researches hoping to have found the real thing? It’s all in those shapely hips. Actually it’s the lack of shapely hips that tells me this animal spends most of it’s time on four legs. If you look at that hip basin you’ll see it’s fairly straight. Now I want you to get up and do what I tell you to do. Well, read what I’m gonna tell you to do, then get up and do it. This is it, it’s simple. Get up, go to a mirror, and look at your hips. You should notice that you’re a bit wider in your hips than in most spots, except for your shoulders. If you should happen to be of the fairer sex, chances are you’ll be able to notice it even better. So that means exactly what? It means I wouldn’t push PA to adopt big foot licenses. With out that wide hip base you can’t be bipedal. Period. You’ll end up walking around like a chimp. When I think of big foot I don’t think of a short legged, chimp like big ape walking around with its arms in the air for balance. One more thing to notice. This guy not only has long arms, they’re also about the same size as his/her legs. Look at your thighs and then your biceps. Note a slight discrepancy. I know I have played soccer for all my life, so I’m gonna notice a big one, but every one should notice that their thighs are a lot bigger than their biceps. Now look at the “Big foot,” fairly well developed up top for a biped isn’t it? I wish this was a picture of a big foot, but it’s not.

Here’s a link to the site where I found the pictures.

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